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Being a small business owner or self-employed provides you a certain measure of freedom, but it does not give you an excuse to skip out on saving for retirement. In fact, it makes putting money away that much more difficult but it is crucial that they get started today. As a trusted advisor, this is where you can add a much needed value added service for your clients.


Helping your clients with a critical problem...funding planning solutions


They are looking! Clients are looking for comprehensive planning services that integrate tax with retirement, estate, risk management, and other planning areas. Implementing SavEasily for your clients makes sense because it solves the problem your clients are having in regards to putting money away. Cash flow is everything for small businesses and asking them to write a large check every month could be difficult for them as well as asking them to make small incremental daily depost is a day is not pratical. However, if your client accepts credit and debit card payments, SavEasily can redirect a small fixed amount or pre-determined percentage a day when settlement occurs into your clients savings account that can fund this for them. We use our proprietary software to solve a very critical problem for small businesses and the self-employed.


Our focus is developing a relationship with you, their most trusted advisor. We can help you solve this critical problem while building more value for you in your relationship with your customers. These funds could be used for retirement planning, tax strategies, emergency funds and much more.

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